Divemaster Package

Standard Divemaster Program

Education Awareness Adventure


4 – 6 weeks


Epic fun diving


Flexible start

Starting Price:

IDR 15.000.000

Train for your dream job


Standard Package

The PADI Divemaster course is the first step to your professional career as a diver. After completion, you’ll be qualified to guide certified divers. This includes dive planning and briefings as well as showing them all the amazing creatures and making sure they come back safely after the underwater tour.

You are also a role model for other divers and people will look up to you, asking for tips and tricks on how to improve their diving skills. You truly become the Ocean Advocate from this point onwards.

After your course you will become a certified assistant. This involves helping instructors to develop new divers, supporting them with your knowledge and experience. Instructors will depend on your organizational and social skills to ensure the courses are running smoothly.

Make your first step
in professional diving career

Course Outline

During this course you will complete all the PADI Divemaster requirements and take part in additional workshops created to improve your knowledge and experience as a dive professional.

Lastly, you can teach certain courses, such as non-diving Project AWARE specialties, Reactivate (refresher program for divers with more than 6 Months inactivity), and Skin Diver Course.

The program itself is super flexible. You will not only learn about diving but also share experience and responsibilities with the team of other professionals working in a very successful dive operation.

You also have an option to add more speciality courses to your package at any time.

Start your course whenever you want!

Simply send us a message via the formular at the end of this page or send us an email to:


Starts from:

IDR 15.000.000*

*Not included Crew Pack (Materials) IDR 4.000.000. Not included PADI Application Fee AUD 220. Application fee should be paid directly to PADI after completing the course. Not included park fee IDR 150.000

What’s included in your Divemaster Standard Package

This course includes

PADI Divemaster Course

Free fun diving during your course

Hands-on experience of working in a busy dive centre

Discounts on meals and accommodation in our restaurant and hotel

Discounts on equipment in our retail dive shop

Flexible start dates

Equipment rental

Theory workshops: Physiology, Physics, Fish ID, Currents and Coral

Buoyancy practical workshop

Debris Free Friday

What is technical diving

2x Trawangan Dive T-shirts


This course doesn’t include

PADI Divemaster Fees

PADI Divemaster materials

Dive computer

Diving Insurance

SMB with the reel

Food, drinks and accommodation

Visa extension fees

Park Fees

Divemaster Standard Package Prerequisites

Age and diving experience

18 years old, Certified rescue diver & minimum 40 logged dives to begin the Divemaster course.

Be Fit for Diving

Fit for diving and medical clearance within the last 12 months.

Emergency First Responder

Emergency first response primary and secondary care (CPR and First Aid) training within the last 24 months.

Learn from the best

Our team of highly professional PADI Instructors

The team of knowledgeable instructors will lead your progress from the moment you step into the dive centre. We all have the same goal in mind, care for the ocean, and the future of it. Our aim is to pass the knowledge and passion for diving to our Divemaster candidates.

Learn from our knowledgeable instructors and become a true ocean advocate.

Course Components

We will introduce you to the intriguing world of fish and corals of South East Asia

Theory Workshops: Physiology, Technical Diving, Physics, Fish ID and Coral

Everyone’s favourite part of being a scuba diver is the time while we breathe underwater, nonetheless understanding the theory behind it can be fascinating as well. With our dry workshops you will get deeper into diving physics and physiology, we will help you understand currents and what technical diving really is, as well as introduce you to intriguing world of fish and corals of South East Asia. Theory will never be boring again.

As a diver, you need a basic understanding of the water flow to plan your dive safely.

ocean currents workshop

Currents are an integral part of the ocean, they regulate temperature, salinity, and nutrient flow around the world. In Indonesia, due to its unique location, they are an inseparable part of every scuba dive. As a diver, you need a basic understanding of the water flow to plan your dive safely. As a dive professional, you are expected to have the knowledge and skills enabling you to control the group of divers during the drift dive. This workshop is designed to allow you to understand ocean currents and how they affect diving around Gilis.
Workshop Currents Divemaster Training
Buoyancy workshop divemaster trainiing

Great buoyancy is a fundamental skill

buoyancy control workshop

As a professional diver you are a role model to others. Great buoyancy is a fundamental skill for any diver and this workshop will get you to the next level of understanding breathing, position and propulsion underwater. Plus it’s super fun!

Trawangan Dive is one of the highest certifying PADI dive centres in Indonesia.

Hands-on experience of working in a busy dive centre

Trawangan Dive is one of the highest certifying PADI dive centres in Indonesia. That gives you a massive advantage and opportunity to assist on various courses from basic Discover Scuba Diving to professional-level programs. During your training, you will become a part of that enterprise and participate in day to day activities, that include not only diving itself, but also sales, equipment preparation, and interaction with the guests.

Hands-on experience in a busy diveshop
Dive site mapping Gili Trawanngan Divemaster

A good map helps with the dive planning.

Map the divesite

Underwater navigation can be tricky sometimes, especially if you are exploring a new dive site. That is why we often use a map before we head out on a dive. A good map has points of interests, directions, depths and much more, it helps with the dive planning and gives you a visual idea of the topography. Whether you are a talented artist or not, one of the tasks is going to be to create such a map.

Dive as much as you want.

Fun, fun, fun diving

During your course, you will be spending a good amount of time in the dive centre helping instructors, caring tanks, and preparing the equipment. To appreciate all that hard work,  we give you the opportunity to dive as much as you want, free of charge! Fun Diving gives you a chance to gain confidence, learn the dive sites, practice your fish identification knowledge, organize underwater cleanups, or check our coral nursery. Don’t let your dive go to waste!

Divemaster Free Fun Diving
Karola Takes Photos Social Media

Social media play a very important role in our lives today.

Social media content

Social media plays a very important role in our lives today. Most of us love to share photos and experiences on instagram, facebook, twitter or whatever platform you are using. During the course our photographer @karolatakesphotos will make sure you have an amazing content to share with your friends and show everyone how much fun you have at Trawangan Dive.

You’ll get to practice all the skills again.

Skill Circuits

“You watch me!” Do you remember your instructor, during Open Water Course showing you how to perform the skills? Now it’s your time to shine! Under the instructor’s supervision, you will have a chance to practice all the skills again and bring them up to demonstration level.

Divemaster Trawangan Dive Skill Circuit

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Divemaster Package

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No matter where you live on the planet you are connected with the sea. For those fascinated with marine life, conservation, and the eco way of living we created the Ocean Advocate Package.

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The Adventure package is for those deeply interested in the technical side of diving. Whether you would like to try different scuba equipment or want to get comfortable in various underwater environments.

Ocean Advocates Divemaster Gilis

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