Divemaster Package

Adventure Divemaster Program

Education Awareness Adventure


4 – 6 weeks


Epic fun diving


Flexible start

Starting Price:

IDR 25.000.000

For those who crave a bit of an adrenalin kick


Divemaster Package

The Adventure package is for those deeply interested in the technical side of diving. Whether you would like to try different scuba equipment and configuration, want to get comfortable in various underwater environments or if you are really keen to pursue a tech diving path and advance your skills, that’s the way to go.

The Adventure Divemaster program is super flexible. You will not only learn about diving but also share experience and responsibilities with the team of other professionals working in a very successful dive operation.

Make your first step
in professional diving

Course Outline

During this course you will complete all the Standard Divemaster requirements and focus on technical side of diving with additional equipment repair workshops and an introduction to compressed air filling procedures.

The package include two specialities of your choice Deep Diver, Sidemount Diver or Wreck Diver as well as Try CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) and Monthly gym pass at Gili Fit.

You also have an option to add any other speciality courses to your package at any time.

Start your course whenever you want.

Simply send us a message via the formular at the end of this page or send us an email to:


Starts from:

IDR 25.000.000*

*Not included Crew Pack (Materials) IDR 4.000.000. Not included PADI Application Fee AUD 220. Application fee should be paid directly to PADI after completing the course.

What’s included in your Adventure Package

This course includes

PADI Divemaster Course

Free fun diving during your course

Hands-on experience of working in a busy dive centre

Discounts on meals and accommodation in our restaurant and hotel

Discounts on equipment in our retail dive shop

Flexible start dates

Equipment rental


Park Fees

Theory workshops: Physiology, Physics, Fish ID, Currents and Coral

Buoyancy practical workshop

Debris Free Friday

What is technical diving

1x Trawangan Dive T-shirt

1x Trawangan Tech T-shirt

Two speciality courses (Deep, Wreck, Drift, Sidemount and Nitrox)

CCR Rebreather Introduction Course

Monthly gym pass to Gili Fit

Equipment maintenance workshop

Introduction to filling compressed air

This course doesn’t include

PADI Divemaster Fees

PADI Divemaster materials

Dive computer

Diving Insurance

SMB with the reel

Food, drinks and accommodation

Visa extension fees

Adventure Package Prerequisites

Age and diving experience

18 years old, Certified rescue diver & minimum 40 logged dives to begin the Divemaster course.

Be Fit for Diving

Fit for diving and medical clearance within the last 12 months.

Emergency First Responder

Emergency first response primary and secondary care (CPR and First Aid) training within the last 24 months.

Learn from the best

Our team of highly professional PADI Instructors

The team of knowledgeable instructors will lead your progress from the moment you step into the dive centre. We all have the same goal in mind, care for the ocean, and the future of it. Our aim is to pass the knowledge and passion for diving to our Divemaster candidates.

The Adventure Divemaster Package is an extension of the Standard Divemaster Package. Visit the Standard Divemaster Package page to learn more about your standard course.

Course Components

You can choose two specialities for your Adventure Divemaster Package. How about the Sidemount Diver Specialty Course?

Sidemount Diver Specialty Course

Whether you’re looking for an extra challenge or you just want to look super cool as a diver, the Sidemount course will give you all of that and more.
The many benefits of diving with two side mounted tanks include increased gas supply, redundancy underwater, improved trim, and stability. Sidemount is an excellent specialty for those wanting to make the transition from recreational to technical diving as you’ll not only get the chance to improve your fundamental skills but also get into the technical mindset and practice additional skills that will help you in future courses.


Wreck Diver Specialty Course

Wrecks are time capsules: whether it’s been sunk by accident or on purpose to create an artificial reef, once you dive on them, you suddenly become an underwater time traveller. Within the speciality you focus on improving your buoyancy and awareness as well as getting comfortable in an overhead environment. You’ll get introduced to safe wreck diving practices and evaluating risks involved in this type of diving. After that, you are ready to penetrate our local wreck, the Glenn Nusa II and prepare to discover the secrets of other wrecks around the world.
Drift Diver Specialty Course

You can choose two specialities for your Adventure Divemaster Package. How about the Drift Diver Specialty Course?

Drift Diver Specialty Course

Have you ever heard about The Indonesian Through-flow? Due to Indonesia’s geographic location on most dives you will experience some current: Great! current bring fish. Drift diving can be exciting however it requires special techniques. This course will help you to understand water movement around the globe and how it affects marine biodiversity as well as equip you with the necessary skills to drift dive safely and enjoy the most of it.


Nitrox Diver Specialty Course

Going deeper is often exciting however diving on air doesn’t allow us to stay there for too long, thankfully we have Enriched Air! With less nitrogen in our gas mix, we can extend our no decompression time limits and enjoy deeper sites for longer, this is probably the reason why it’s the most popular speciality amongst recreational divers.

During the course you’ll get familiar with specific dive planning considerations, learn how to calculate your best mix as well as the risks associated with enriched air mixes and how to avoid them. Unfortunately it’s not a magical gas that will suddenly improve your air consumption so if you are a heavy breather then consider combining it with the Sidemount course.

Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty Course Adventure Divemaster Package

Ever wanted to try diving on a rebreather? Want to see what it’s like to dive with no bubbles?

CCR Rebreather Introduction Course

Ever wondered what it would be like to dive in total silence without making bubbles, then the Discover Rebreather is for you! It’s a one day program, and before trying the rebreather in the pool, you will be introduced to the practical mechanics of this amazing machine. Once you’ve got to grips with the basics, we’ll take you out into the ocean, where you’ll see just how close you can get to the marine life when you’re diving without bubbles!

Stay in shape while your are having the best time in your life

Free entry to the Gym 

As a Divemaster it’s crucial to stay fit and healthy, not only to improve your stamina but also to give an example to other divers. We know that it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re on a “holiday” on a tropical island, so we decided to make it easier for you! Together with your Adventure Package, we offer a one-month gym pass. After a workout, you can enjoy the modern facilities at Gili Fit and enjoy a 10% discount at the pool bar. Staying fit and healthy will be easier than ever before.

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