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We are a dive professional development centre, located on one of Indonesians tropical paradise Islands, Gili Trawangan. We run our programs through PADI 5 star dive resort Trawangan Dive Centre. Not only do we offer Divemaster programs managed by a dedicated PADI Course Director, but we also provide options for future progress with in-house IDC (Instructor Development Centre) and Tech Divemaster internship if you wish to follow that path.

The ‘Go Pro‘ Program will fully prepare you for further development as a dive professional. Our PADI Professionals are confident, knowledgeable, and prepared to work anywhere in the world with the right skill set and attitudes.


Our mission is to provide an exceptional PADI Divemaster program that combines training, conservation and career development as a dive professional.

With that in mind our Divemaster trainees are not only aware of the environmental issues and the responsibility they carry as the ocean ambassadors, but they are also skilled professionals confident above and below the surface.

We believe that practice, patience, dedication, and joy is the way to achieve success in the industry. By focusing on education, awareness, and adventure, we are covering all aspects of THE professional diving experience with a great deal of fun in-between.

The Gilis are three little islands situated in North Lombok with Gili Trawangan being the largest. There are no cars nor motorbikes allowed on the islands, therefore you get around either on foot, bicycle, or cidomo (colorful local horse cart). This creates a unique vibe and truly original experience.

Gili Trawangan is bursting with energy and social life. There is a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and accommodation suitable for any budget. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, it’s a perfect place to relax and unwind after an exciting day of diving.

Trawangan Dive Centre has an incredibly friendly vibe due to the passionate team of instructors. Their love for diving, experience level and care for the marine life is immediately apparent, not to mention contagious. During your course, you will build friendships that last forever with the instructors and fellow DMTs (Divemaster trainees). Before you know it, you will feel you’ve found a home away from home.

second home

Make your first step in professional diving and become a Divemaster on Gili Trawangan
Make your first step in professional diving and become a Divemaster on Gili Trawangan

Divemaster Packages

The PADI Divemaster course is the first step to your professional career as a diver. After completion, you’ll be qualified to guide certified divers. This includes dive planning and briefings as well as showing them all the amazing creatures and making sure they come back safely after the underwater tour. You are also a role model for other divers and people will look up to you, asking for tips and tricks on how to improve their diving skills. You truly become the Ocean Advocate from this point onwards.

To fulfil your needs, we have created three different Divemaster packages. This allows you to follow your interests and develop skills and knowledge in the areas that excite you the most.

For those who are pursuing the Divemaster program as the first step to a professional career, becoming a better diver or simply to take a break and do something fun we offer the standard package.

No matter where you live on the planet you are connected with the sea. For those fascinated with marine life, conservation, and the eco way of living we created the Ocean Advocate Package.
The Adventure package is for those deeply interested in the technical side of diving. Whether you would like to try different scuba equipment and configuration, want to get comfortable in various underwater environments or if you are really keen to pursue a tech diving path and advance your skills, that’s the way to go.

Packages Overview


This package includes standard PADI Divemaster course along with additional workshops. This program will help you to understand the local marine life, dive physics, physiology, equipment, and much more. 

The Divemaster course itself is super flexible. You will not only learn about diving but also share experience and responsibilities with the team of other professionals working in a very successful dive operation.


Free fun diving during your course

Equipment rental

Discounts on meals and accommodation in our restaurant and hotel

Hands-on experience of working in a busy dive centre

Theory workshops: Fish ID, Physiology, Physics, Coral

Additional workshops about Buoyancy and Currents

and many more ...

Price starts from:

IDR 15.000.000

Ocean Advocate

The Ocean Advocate program, is an addition to the standard package. It primary focus is on environmental topics including, reef check surveys, introduction to BioRocks as well as AWARE specialties. You can even opt to stay a little bit longer and volunteer at the Gili Eco Trust.

Everything in Standard

Project Aware Shark Conservation Speciality Course

Introduction to Biorock

Ocean Quest Coral Propagation Course

Opportunity to volunteer with Gili Eco Trust

Gili Eco Trust Re-Cycling Tour

and many more ...

Price starts from:

IDR 22.000.000


For those who crave a bit of an adrenalin kick we created an Adventure package that includes additional specialties like Wreck, Sidemount or Deep diver, monthly gym pass at Gili Fit and a try dive on a Closed Circuit Rebreather.

Everything in Standard

Free entry to the Gym (Gili Fit)

Two diving speciality courses (e.g. Sidemount, Deep, Wreck, Drift or Nitrox)

CCR Rebreather Introduction Course

Equipment maintenance workshop

Introduction to filling compressed air

and many more ...

Price starts from:

IDR 25.000.000

What comes Next?

With Trawangan Dive as your base dive centre you have the opportunity to gain knowledge far beyond the Divemaster course. You can choose to become a dive instructor with our in-house Instructor Development Course or become a technical diver. 

Technical Diving

If technical diving is calling your name, after completing your Divemaster program, you can enrol straight in to the Tech Divemaster training course. We have our very own technical diving department, Trawangan Tech, run on premises by Samuel Mason (@samuel._.mason).

Technical Diving Trawangan Tech
PADI Instructor Development Course with Trawangan Dive and IDC Holly

Instructor Development Course

For those of you thinking about progressing to your Instructor Development Course our Divemaster program gives you a very solid starting point. With that in mind we’ve add some extra skill circuits and opportunity to assist regularly on various courses from Discover Scuba Diving Program to Rescue in order to get you ready.

Read here what our Previous Divemaster’s saying about us

I really felt I was part of the team from day one

I did my Divemaster program at Trawangan Dive Centre and I really loved my experience. I really felt I was part of the team from day one. The entire team is helping each other with daily tasks such as loading the boats or preparing for fun divers. The program really train you to fully understand your position as a Divemaster, and beyond that. During the course you get a chance to participate in many different workshops and at the end you finish with the graduation party (snorkel test) that’s super fun. Another good point of the program is to be taught by all different instructors. They are all incredibly passionate about what they do and ready to share their knowledge about scuba diving. Between fun time and learning TDC (Trawangan Dive Centre) gave me all I needed, prepared me to be a fantastic Divemaster. During my program I also met amazing people, not only from the dive centre itself, but also other people that live and work on the island. I really recommend the TDC for the amazing experience and also hope you will get the chance to get to know all the great people I have met and when you do, please give them a big hug.

Camille Girard Berthelot

Best Divemaster program in Indonesia

Starting my DMT (Divemaster training) a year ago was a really great decision. Being in the water everyday and becoming more and more confident was the best. You work hard but you’re always rewarded by the things you see on dives and the people around you. Those people are also super inspiring, you’re always learning about the ocean and how you can make a difference and that encouraged me to inspire others too! I always felt supported and part of the team for the time I was there. If you want to learn about the ocean, learn how to be a better diver, gain some experience in the industry and to have a good time while doing it, I would recommend that you do your Divemaster course with Trawangan Dive.

Rebecca Olaleye

Gili Trawangan is a lovely island that every one need to discover!

Choosing to do my Divemaster training at Trawangan Dive Centre is one of my better choices in my life. Not only I became a better diver, I also improved my self-confidence, and worked on social skills with a team of friendly fellow DMTs (Divemaster trainees) and instructors helping me to “go out of my shell”. Diving became my passion and giving a chance to learn and practice with outstanding team made it even more enjoyable. I’m French and my English was far from fluent nor was I confident enough to speak it in front of students. I realized that wasn’t a problem at all and found a help from every instructor as “patience and fun” are the key words for everyone that works in TDC(Trawangan Dive Centre). I think if you are like me, completely in love with the ocean, the dive sites around Gili Islands will give you what you are looking for. Colourful reefs with all the wonderful fish and turtles passing by on almost every dive!! Gili Trawangan is a lovely island that every one need to discover!

Emeline Quenet

It was an incredible experience I will never forget!

Joining the Divemaster program at TDC( Trawangan Dive Centre) was like joining a scuba diving family. All the staff are a great bunch – super friendly and fun and welcomed me in straight away. I learnt so much from Kazi (my mentor) and all the instructors who helped me become a confident diver. The dive sites are beautiful and you can dive them again and again and always see something new. The dive guides are great fun and incredible at spotting cool stuff to look at during dives. It was an incredible experience I will never forget, and I can’t wait to come back!

Carla Greco

Doing my PADI Divemaster program with Trawangan Dive Centre was an absolutely amazing and life changing experience!

All the instructors are great and helpful beyond expectations. A special shoutout to my mentor and absolute rock- Dani, for being an endless pit of knowledge and with his complete calm helping me through every step of the way, as well as the head of the DMT (Divemaster training) program Laura Kazimierska (Kazi) for being a ray of sunshine every single day, spreading joy and giving amazing support to all of us DMTs. I would highly recommend Trawangan Dive Centre to anyone wanting to get their Divemaster certification. I guarantee you will have the best time, meeting incredible people from all over the world. 

Jennie Bengtsson

It was a really eye opening experience as well as a fun course.

I took my Divemaster Course at Trawangan Dive Centre. It was a really eye opening experience as well as a fun course. I gained a lot of in-depth knowledge about the ocean and massively improved my confidence and capability as a diver myself. The course was a good mix of practical skills and theory which tested me in multiple different ways and ultimately made me a better scuba diver. The instructors at TDC (Trawangan Dive Centre) were always there to support and encourage me along the way. They were sharing my joy while I was growing as a diver and motivate me towards further improvement. From my own experience; I would 100% recommend to anyone who is thinking of becoming a Divemaster to just GO FOR IT!!

Kirsty Cruickshank

The TDC staff are among the finest, coolest, and most fun people I’ve ever spent time with!

I did my Divemaster Training at TDC from June through September while it could be done faster, I enjoyed the atmosphere on Gili Trawangan and TDC (Trawangan Dive Centre) in particular so much that I took it slow and savored everyday. The Gilis are a diver’s paradise – warm waters, abundant sea life, and the farthest dive site is a 15 minute boat ride. Additionally, the island has plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy your ‘dry-time’. The Divemaster Program at TDC significantly improved my dive skills and knowledge (I had a few hundred dives when I started the program) and also my confidence in the water to address whatever issue I encountered. The TDC staff are among the finest, coolest, and most fun people I’ve ever spent time with and, because of them, doing my Divemaster training at TDC was one of the best times of my life.

Tom Blank

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you based at Trawangan Dive Centre?

Yes, Divemaster Gilis is part of Trawangan Dive Centre career development sector. Therefore you are able to take part not only in your professional training but also in basic dive courses and specialities.

Are you PADI?

Yes, our recreational diving training is conducted through PADI however our technical diving department operates with TDI (Technical Diving International). The only exception is Sidemount course, you can choose the agency you want to be certified with, PADI or TDI 

What is included in the course?

Depending on a Divemaster package, we include different workshops and courses.

But overall the course includes:

  • PADI Divemaster course
  • Unlimited fun dives.
  • Dive equipment (BCD, regulators, fins, mask, snorkel, and wetsuit). All in all, we still recommend bringing your own mask, snorkel, fins, and a dive computer.
  • Discount in our “Fat Cats” restaurant.
  • Discount on speciality courses and technical diving course.
  • Two Trawangan Dive dive t-shirts.
  • Visa extension assistance.
  • Assisting with finding accommodation.
  • Assisting with finding job opportunities. 
  • Free wifi in the dive centre.

Not Included:

  • PADI Membership fees
  • PADI Crew Pack (course materials). You can purchase them at Trawangan Dive or order them on-line prior to your arrival.
  • Indonesian Visa fees.
  • Accommodation.
  • Dive computer.
  • SMB (surface marker buoy) with the reel.
What visa do I need?

As you will be attending your dive training, the only visa you need is a tourist visa.

If you are planning to come only for 30 days it’s free of charge for most of the countries. 

If you are planning to stay 60 days you can get a tourist visa on arrival, just make sure you pay the required fees, once you arrive at the airport in Bali or Jakarta (bare in mind not all the ports offer that option). With that visa, you are allowed to stay in Indonesia for 60 days without leaving the country, but you will need to extend it after 30 days. You can do that in Lombok immigration office. We are happy to help you with the extension through our agent. The fees are usually around 1,000,000IDR (100 AUS).


If you are thinking of staying longer than that, you can apply for a social visa in your home country, through the local Indonesian embassy. In order to do that you will need an Indonesian sponsor, we can assist you with that as well. Bear in mind that none of those visas give you permission to work in Indonesia.


Read more about visas here.

Is there a discount for doing multiple courses at the same time?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount on any continuing education courses you do with us at Trawangan Dive as well as technical diving courses with Trawangan Tech. 

If you bring your own equipment (BCD, regulators, mask, fins, and dive computer) you’ll also get 1,000,000IDR. taken of your Divemaster course fees.

For those interested in continuing with Instructor Development Course we have additional discounts as well.

What is the PADI Divemaster Crew Pack?
Essentially, Divemaster Crew Pack is a package consisting of all the training materials you need, to complete your course.

Learn more by reading this blog post

Are there set start dates?

Divemaster course is a very flexible course therefore we do not have a set date for start and finish. That means you can hop on at any time, however, if you are thinking about doing your IDC (Instructor Development Course) we advise you to plan a sufficient time prior to the starting date of the course.

How long does it take?

We recommend giving yourself 4 to 6 weeks. That is sufficient time to finish all your assignments as well as relax and enjoy the island vibe. 

If you are already experienced and fairly confident diver we can arrange the course that will last shorter than that. 

On the other hand, if you are not certified diver just yet or you do not fulfill the prerequisites to start the Divemaster program we can extend that time as well.

Can I work while I am there to cover the cost of the course? Do you offer a free internship?

Unfortunately due to Indonesian visa regulations you are not allowed to work while you’re in training without an appropriate working visa. That gives you a great opportunity to just focus on the task you are due to complete and progress as a diver without additional pressure. We find that more beneficial for our candidates, as that leaves you the freedom to enjoy the island and the course itself. 

In effect to that, we do not offer free internships for our Divemaster candidates.  

Where can I find accommodation?

There is plenty of options to choose from, depending on your budget. We can recommend you some homestays, where we usually accommodate our candidates or assist you in finding the accommodation suitable for your needs. The best way to go is to book a room for two to three nights at Trawangan Dive Centre prior to your arrival, you can contact us directly. Once you are on the island, you can just have a look around and find something that will fit you best.

What equipment is required?

Once you start your Divemaster course you’ll be required to have an SMB (surface marker buoy) with a minimum 30-meter line. It should be visible, minimum a meter long, and design to seal at the bottom after deployment.

Another important piece of equipment for dive professionals is a dive computer, however, you have an option to rent one for the time of your training.

We recommend bringing your own mask and snorkel as well.   

If you didn’t have the chance to get the required equipment before your arrival you can purchase them at Trawangan Dive store.

FAQ What is a PADI Divemaster Crew Pack?

Divemaster Crew Pack is a package consisting of all the training materials you need to complete your course. It includes:

  • PADI Divemaster manual with nine knowledge development sections.
  • “Encyclopedia of recreational diving” it is a book that prop up dive theory.
  • Waterproof slates aid for teaching courses and run briefings.
  • PADI Instructor Manual reference for all standards that need to be followed while conducting PADI courses.
  • Divemaster paperwork and worksheet.
  • PADI Hologram Sticker is simply proof that you purchased original PADI materials from a reliable source.
  • PADI Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) and Electronic Multilevel Dive Planner (eRDPml) code.
  • PADI Logbook to keep track of your dives.

To find out more go to our blog.

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